AEM Plastics

AEM Plastics

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 Established in 1991 AEM strive to offer a fast, competitive and reliable service to all our existing and potential new customers.

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Over the years we have built close working relationships with a wide variety of customers ranging from small independent, to large multinational blue chip companies.

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Industries we serve include Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages, Cosmetic, Aerosols, Leisure, Machinery Manufacturers, Charities and Swimming pool Installations to name just a few.

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We offer a complete package from Initial concept, through design to manufacture of one off prototypes or batch production.

The extensive range of materials we work with include Nylons, Acetal (Delrin), Polyethylene (UHMWPE / HDPE), Polypropylene, Polycarbonate (Lexan / Makrolon), PETG (Vivak / Veralite), PVC, Foamex, ABS and Acrylics (Perspex / Plexiglass)

As part of our portfolio we manufacture

  • Change Parts for Bottling, Canning, Aerosol and Cosmetic Industries
  • Machine Guards
  • Fabrications in Acrylic, PETG, PVC, Foam PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, HDPE
  • Tanks, Under drains, Building In pipes and  floats etc for swimming pool installations
  • Fume cupboards and Glove Boxes
  • Display cases and Enclosures for Aquariums, Museums and Public facilities
  • Point of Sale
  • Charity collection boxes
  • General Machined components

Processes Include CNC Routing, Laser cutting / Engraving, Flame and Diamond polishing Line bending, Welding, Bonding and Forming.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.